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Clay County Sheriff's Office
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Case # Description--(F)elony, (M)isdemeanor Officer
AR 2016026068
Simple Domestic Battery...
Dionne, Katelyn Marie (W /F/21) Arrest on chrg of Simple Domestic Battery (M), at 3200-BLK Talisman Dr, Middleburg, FL, on 9/26/2016.Faircloth, C A
AR 2016026071
1) Cocaine-possess-poss...
Roberts, Antwuan Lashon (B /M/29) Arrest on chrg of 1) Cocaine-possess-possess Cocaine (F) and 2) Drug Equip-possess-and Or Use (M), at 3300-BLK Talisman Dr, Middleburg, FL, on 9/26/2016.Glenn, C R
AR 2016026076
Violate Injunction For ...
Willis, Benjamin Legrand (W /M/32) Arrest on chrg of Violate Injunction For Protection Against Domestic Violence (M), at 100-BLK Orion St, Orange Park, FL, on 9/26/2016.Bueno, H
AR 2016026075
Failure Of Defendant On...
Digiacomo, Joel Anthony (W /M/20) Arrest on chrg of Failure Of Defendant On Bail To Appear, M (M), at 1500-BLK Canopy Oaks Dr, Orange Park, FL, on 9/26/2016.Gracki, N E
AR 2016026078
Marijuana-possess-not M...
Carter, Kevin Lenard (B /M/25) Arrest on chrg of Marijuana-possess-not More Than 20 Grams (M), at 3700-BLK Main St, Middleburg, FL, on 9/26/2016.Wright, B M
AR 2016026079
Poss Not More Than 20 G...
Gordon, Mark Randall (B /M/33) Arrest on chrg of Poss Not More Than 20 Grams (M), at 1000-BLK Challenger Dr/old Jennings Rd, Middleburg, FL, on 9/26/2016.Drury, J R
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