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Clay County Sheriff's Office
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Case # Description--(F)elony, (M)isdemeanor Officer
AR 2015034207
Domestic Battery (m),
Weeks, Teresa Dreblow (W /F/49) Arrest on chrg of Domestic Battery (M), at 1039 Bellamy Rd, Green Cove Springs, FL, on 11/29/2015.Hansell, J C
AR 2015034214
Domestic Battery (m),
Lemond, Dana Lynn (W /F/43) Arrest on chrg of Domestic Battery (M), at 52 Fox Valley Dr, Orange Park, FL, on 11/29/2015.Spaulding, T A
AR 2015034216
1) Dui Alcohol Or Drugs...
Gibson, Adrell Thomas (B /M/36) Arrest on chrg of 1) Dui Alcohol Or Drugs (M), 2) Resist/obstruct/oppose Of Officer Without Violence (M), and 3) Driving On Susp/revoked Drivers License (M), at 6930 Highway 17, Fleming Island, FL, on 11/29/2015.Hansell, J C
AR 2015034220
Habitual Traffic Offend...
Johns, David Allen (W /M/28) Arrest on chrg of Habitual Traffic Offender/lic Suspended Or Revoked (F), at 2300 Town Center Blvd/fleming Plantation Blvd, Fleming Island, FL, on 11/29/2015.Rhame, T S
AR 2015034251
Felony Battery; Domesti...
Doolittle, Justin Robert (W /M/30) Arrest on chrg of Felony Battery; Domestic Battery By Strangulation (F), at 4220 Plantation Oaks Blvd, Orange Park, FL, on 11/29/2015.Jackson, R V
AR 2015034252
Retail Petit Theft $100...
Stawniczy, Ashlie F (W /F/20) Arrest on chrg of Retail Petit Theft $100-$300 Value (M), at 899 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL, on 11/29/2015.Coxen, D L
AR 2015034265
Retail Theft 300 Dols M...
Sarman, Jeremy Lee (W /M/35) Arrest on chrg of Retail Theft 300 Dols More 1st Off (F), at 1505 County Road 220, Fleming Island, FL, on 11/29/2015.Lovett James, T K
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