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Clay County Sheriff's Office
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Case # Description                        (A)ttempted, (C)ompleted, (F)elony, (M)isdemeanor Officer
AR 2014028508
Poss More Than 20 Grams...
Colon, Pete Desmond (W /M/29) Arrest on chrg of Poss More Than 20 Grams Of Cannabis W Intent To Sell Manufac (F), at 2070 Hunters Trace Cir, Middleburg, FL, on 10/23/2014.Tomlinson, J A
AR 2014028511
Simple Battery
Felker, Paul Vincent (W /M/21) Arrest on chrg of Simple Battery (M), at 1836 The Glades Rd, Middleburg, FL, on 10/23/2014.Jett, C E
AR 2014028501
Dui Alcohol Or Drugs
Fife, Julie Elizabeth (W /F/35) Arrest on chrg of Dui Alcohol Or Drugs (M), at 4000 Everett Av, Middleburg, FL, on 10/23/2014.Smith, T M
AR 2014028517
Operate Motor Vehicle W...
Fleming, Chasity Nicole (B /F/24) Arrest on chrg of Operate Motor Vehicle Wo Valid License (M), at 1092 Blanding Blvd/jefferson Av, Orange Park, FL, on 10/23/2014.Jett, C E
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